If you have followed all my previous blog posts and you had a peek at the code of all the contracts I have created you should already have seen that I always write tests for every smart contract I create.

Have you missed those projects? …

I have already introduced the project some days ago with the previous blog post “Proof of Concept of an Achievement System for Rarity”.

In the last couple of days, I’ve dedicated my spare time to refactor the whole project changing some strong requirements I had hardcoded with it.

So let’s…

I think that everyone here knows already what Rarity is right?

TLDR; Rarity is a project created by Andre Cronje. You can think about it as D&D on the blockchain. Rarity is deployed on Fantom Opera (FTM) because of its speed and low-cost fees.

What I really liked about Rarity…


I was planning to release a tutorial on how to deploy your first NFT smart contract but while I was writing it I understood that more than half of the content was about how to set up Hardhat to have the perfect development environment ready to go for your next…

Before digging into why I’ve created Unloot I need to explain a little bit the Loot Project. So bear with me.

The Inspiration: The Loot Project

I think that at this moment everyone knows what the Loot Project is, right? If you still don’t know I will quote directly from their site for a TLDR;


In the previous scaffold-eth challenge, we have created a Staker dApp. In this challenge, we are going to create a Token Vendor contract.

The goal of the dApp

The goal of this challenge is to create your own ERC20 Token and a Token Vendor Contract that will handle the sell/buy process of your token exchanging…


In this blog post, I’m going to cover the first scaffold-eth speed run project: creating a Staking dApp. If you want to know more about scaffold-eth and my current journey in the web3 world you should read my previous article: My journey in Web3 development: scaffold-eth.

The goal of the dApp

The end goal of…

When you start to tackle the web3 metaverse you feel overwhelmed. Or at least that’s what I’ve felt the first time. …

The previous week have introduced how to add Sentry to your Vue.js app and integrate it into GitLab CI/CD as the first blog post of these series.

This week we will expand our guide adding the support to Angular apps. …

Here at Soplaya, we have many projects to handle and monitor, both public and internal tools and we want to be sure that they meet our standard for performance and bug-free.

Our frontend apps are written both in VueJS, Angular, and React so we needed to create a common ground…

Emanuele Ricci

Full-stack engineer at @Soplaya with a lot of love for everything around technology. Right now I’m focused on voice apps. https://ericci.dev

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