Damn Vulnerable DeFi Challenge #5 Solution — The rewarder

Challenge #5 — The rewarder

The attacker end goal

Study the contracts

  • check if the amount is > 0
  • mint the AccountingToken 1:1 with DVT
  • call distributeRewards
  • transfer from msg.sender to this the deposited amount of DVT tokens and check the transfer result
  • burn the amount from AccountingToken (it’s an ERC20 contract, so it will fail if the msg.sender has not enough balance deposited)
  • transfer back the withdrawn DVT to msg.sender checking the result of the operation
  • Check if it’s a new reward round calling isNewRewardsRound() (has passed 5 days). If so, call _recordSnapshot()
  • Get the total amount of DVT token deposited in the pool on the last snapshot
  • Get the amount of DVT token deposited by the user on the pool
  • Calculate the amount of reward token to be rewarded to the user based on the percentage of contribution rewards = (amountDeposited * 100 * 10 ** 18) / totalDeposits;
  • If he gets some rewards and those rewards are not yet distributed to the user, the contract mint those rewards and send them to the msg.sender

Solution code

  • Wait for the amount of time needed to start a new round and be able to make the Rewarder Pool trigger the _recordSnapshot at deposit time
  • Check the amount of DVT token we can borrow with a flashloan from the Flashloan Pool
  • Flashloan the max amount (we are not paying any fees)
  • Deposit all the DVT token we just loaned. The deposit function will trigger distributeRewards function that will take a snapshot before distributing tokens to our account. Because we are the bigger staker in the pool, we are going to get the vast majority of reward tokens.
  • Withdraw all the deposited DVT from the pool. We don’t need them anymore because we already got all the rewards needed, and we also need to repay back the loan!
  • Repay back the loan to the Lending Pool
  • Transfer all the rewards to the attacker





#web3 dev + auditor | @SpearbitDAO security researcher, @yAcademyDAO resident auditor, @developer_dao #459, @TheSecureum bootcamp-0, @code4rena warden

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#web3 dev + auditor | @SpearbitDAO security researcher, @yAcademyDAO resident auditor, @developer_dao #459, @TheSecureum bootcamp-0, @code4rena warden

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