EVM Puzzle 1 solution

This is Part 1 of the “Let’s play EVM Puzzles” series, where I will explain how to solve each puzzle challenge.

EVM Puzzles is a project developed by Franco Victorio (@fvictorio_nan) that is a perfect fit if you are in the process of learning how the Ethereum EVM works, and you want to apply some of the knowledge you have just acquired.

EVM Puzzle 1

00      34      CALLVALUE
01 56 JUMP
09 00 STOP

The solution is to make the contract jump to the PC (program counter, the number on the first column) 08 that is marked by the JUMPDEST opcode.

The JUMP opcode works like this:

Instruction alters the program counter, thus breaking the linear path of the execution to another point in the deployed code. It is used to implement functionalities like functions.

Note that the PC to which we are going to jump must be a valid destination marked by a JUMPDEST opcode.

From where the JUMP will get the value to jump to? As we said before, each operation interact with the stack, memory or storage. In this case, the JUMP operation will take the first value (remember that the stack work as a LIFO queue) from the stack and will use it as the parameter to know where it needs to jump.

That specific value is added to the stack from the CALLVALUE opcode that is the very first opcode executed by the EVM.

What does this opcode do? It pushes to the stack the value of the current call in wei.

So for example, if we were calling this contract with a msg.value equal to `1000 wei` it would push to the stack3e8 (the hex conversion of 1000 in decimal).

So, we need to find the correct value of wei to pass to the contract to make the CALLVALUE opcode to push the correct byte offset to make it jump to the valid JUMPDEST at PC 8.


To solve this puzzle, we must call the contract passing msg.value equal to 8, by doing this CALLVALUE will push to the EVM Stack 8 that will be popped by the JUMP opcode. By doing that, the Program Counter will jump to the eighth instruction that is represented by JUMPDEST.

Here’s the link to the solution of Puzzle 1 on EVM Codes website to simulate it.



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