My journey in Web3 development: scaffold-eth

  • Frontend
  • Smart Contract
  • A hella lot of example of real-life use case

Which tech stack do scaffold-eth use?

At the moment these are the tech stacks that it uses:

  • Hardhat: an open-source project that allows you to run local networks, deploying and testing smart contracts.
  • React for building a frontend, using many useful pre-made components and hooks
  • Ant for your UI
  • Surge for publishing your app.

What’s my end goal of this journey?

I’m the kind of person that loves to learn new technologies and master them. I love to create content, contribute to the community, and share my journey and knowledge.

  • Master scaffold-eth to create projects and deploy them on main-net
  • Learn everything that I need to know about Solidity, ethersjs, hardhat and web3 development in general
  • Add support to TypeScript to scaffold-eth (both on the react frontend and solidity/hardhat with TypeChain)
  • Switch from React to NextJs for the frontend part
  • Add support to deploy the react/nextjs app to Vercel
  • Create a scaffold-eth-ui kit using TailwindCSS
  • Create blog posts/videos that document this journey
  • Brainstorm on blockchain concepts while learning them



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