My journey in Web3 development: scaffold-eth

When you start to tackle the web3 metaverse you feel overwhelmed. Or at least that’s what I’ve felt the first time. I’m the kind of person that can’t YOLO dev, I need to understand what I’m doing, I need to understand what I’m using and how’s working in order to build something that is meaningful, even if it’s just a POC (proof of concept).

But experience comes in hand in situations like this, you can’t learn everything from the start otherwise you will get burned. Scaffold-eth is the perfect thing to start with, it has an experienced community behind it (come to the Telegram Group), it comes with a pre-configured workspace with everything that you need:

  • Frontend
  • Smart Contract
  • A hella lot of example of real-life use case

It’s the perfect toolbox you need to start hacking with the blockchain and learn while you build projects.


Scaffold-eth provides an off-the-shelf stack for rapid prototyping on Ethereum, giving developers access to state-of-the-art tools to quickly learn and ship an Ethereum-based dApp.

Which tech stack do scaffold-eth use?

At the moment these are the tech stacks that it uses:

  • Hardhat: an open-source project that allows you to run local networks, deploying and testing smart contracts.
  • React for building a frontend, using many useful pre-made components and hooks
  • Ant for your UI
  • Surge for publishing your app.

Some useful links

What’s my end goal of this journey?

I’m the kind of person that loves to learn new technologies and master them. I love to create content, contribute to the community, and share my journey and knowledge.

With that in mind at the end of this journey I would like to accomplish these goals:

  • Master scaffold-eth to create projects and deploy them on main-net
  • Learn everything that I need to know about Solidity, ethersjs, hardhat and web3 development in general
  • Add support to TypeScript to scaffold-eth (both on the react frontend and solidity/hardhat with TypeChain)
  • Switch from React to NextJs for the frontend part
  • Add support to deploy the react/nextjs app to Vercel
  • Create a scaffold-eth-ui kit using TailwindCSS
  • Create blog posts/videos that document this journey
  • Brainstorm on blockchain concepts while learning them

Is it a lot of work? HELL YEAH! But go big or go home right?