Things that you need to know if you want to develop an SAP Kapsel hybrid app for modern smartphone

SAP Kapsel is based on Apache Cordova

On 64-bit Android devices (such as Samsung Galaxy S7), OData Offline Store based application crashes.

Reason and Prerequisites
SAP Mobile Platform SDK 3.0 SP14 PL08 OData Offline library for Android and its dependencies only support 32 bit applications. Android Studio automatically builds for the target architecture of the connected device. On 64-bit devices it is required to use 64-bit native libraries.

Application developer has to force the 32-bit build. Applications built for 32-bit target will be able to run on 64-bit devices without any known incident.

In order to force 32-bit build, edit the build gradle file of the application module.

Please find the documentation about how to configure APK for different ABIs (Application Binary Interfaces).



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